A dedicated team of foodies and adventurers, we live for delicious, heart-stopping fun. If we aren't exploring the latest Big Apple pop-up, exhibit or show, you can probably find us at happy hour, brainstorming some crazy new event concept over cocktails (and anything bacon-wrapped).

  Kate Levenstien   CEO & Founder

Kate Levenstien

CEO & Founder

  Marie Assante   Public Relations

Marie Assante

Public Relations

  Bob Levenstien   Legal & Finance

Bob Levenstien

Legal & Finance

  Jenn Barry   Event Production

Jenn Barry

Event Production

  Ali Murphy   Creative & Marketing

Ali Murphy

Creative & Marketing

  Mariah Baron   Event Production

Mariah Baron

Event Production

  Sophie Dubuisson   Event Production

Sophie Dubuisson

Event Production

  Molly Jennings   Marketing Coordinator

Molly Jennings

Marketing Coordinator